I gotta learn how to get more use,

I got too much down-time.


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3 a.m., a clockwork orange, ah! real monsters, angry beavers, anime, autumn, bamboo, basements, black, block party, blueberries, blur, bob geldoff, books, candles, cartoons, carving pumpkins, chalk pastels, charms, chicago, chobits, chuck palahniuk, cichlids, coffee, comfortable silences, courage the cowardly dog, cuddling, cute underwear, daft punk, danny elfman, dbz, dears, death cab for cutie, donnie darko, dragonflies, edward norton, el espinazo del diablo, el laberinto del fauno, energy drinks, ewan mcgreggor, faeries, fish, flcl, gary oldman, goblins, gomo, good eats, gorillaz, green tea, hackers, halloween, harvey birdman, hellsing, house of leaves, hunter s. thompson, iced tea, ichthyology, incense, ink, interpol, invader zim, islands, jackass the movie, jamie oliver, jay and silent bob, jeffrey dahmer, jimmy eat world, john berendt, jthm, kaiser chiefs, kenna, little shop of horrors, lolita dresses, long car rides, lord of the flies, love & sex, making jewelry, man on the moon, mangas, marine biology, matthew lillard, mission hill, moshi monsters, muse, mustard, nervous habits, nightmare before christmas, not without my handbag, oingo boingo, outlaw star, paper, patchouli, peewee herman, photography, pink floyd, placebo, platyhelminthes, pocky, pokemon, polymer clay, powerpuff girls, pregnant women, puff the magic dragon, purple, radiohead, rammstein, requiem for a dream, rocky horror, samurai champloo, sand critters, saturn, scars, seth green, sharpies, she wants revenge, shrimp scampi, sideshow bob, slash fics, slc punk, slint, smashing pumpkins, snape, snow, south park, spanish, spoon, spyro, stars, steve buschemi, sting rays, strongbad, sufjan stevens, super milk chan, tenchi muyo, the bravery, the dark crystal, the hours, the moody blues, the x-files, the yellow submarine, thunder storms, tom vek, trigun, tullycraft, tummies, uno, velvet goldmine, venture brothers, wallace and gromit, writing utensils